Monday, 29 December 2014

Recovery Resource - Bright Eye Alcoholic Help Support Forum

Bright Eye is a counselling service run by a gentleman called Tobin.

Attached to the site for the counselling service is the Alcoholic Help Support Forum that I'm recommending you give a try. Or rather, I'm recommending you look for something similar that suits you.

Groups, meetings, and support networks are big things in recovery. AA is the most famous (and controversial), but there's also Smart Recovery and loads of small groups. My local addiction services clinic runs its own support group.

It's hard getting sober and getting advice from people in the same boat as you is useful. I'm not very good socially, and the idea of a group meeting fills me with dread. Meeting people online is a brilliant way for people like me to find help.

Bright Eye has been one of the constants of my sobriety. I've used it whenever I've got into trouble with drink and I'm using it now that I'm getting sober, going through the Sobriety Challenges boards.

It may well not be for you. Like any group it has a particular character. I won't try to define it (beyond saying that it's very supportive and is UK-based). I think it's best that you take a look and see if it might be for you.

A quick Google for "alcoholism forum" brought up nearly 2 million results, there should be somewhere where you'll feel at home.

I rather rely on Bright Eye, and from what others post it seems that plenty of others have established a long term relationship with the site and people they have met there. I feel slightly guilty that I don't pay a thing for it.

There is a lot of good advice outside the forums and the threads cover a huge variety of alcohol and addiction-related topics.

If anyone can recommend any other sites or similar resources, I'd love to hear about them.