Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Work Out! Grrrr!

Getting fitter is having a transformative effect on my life.

 I'm gob-smacked that I'm writing this. As a pale and pasty saloon bar-pallored pub rat I rather sneered at the fit, the healthy, the tanned and the toned. I'm certainly not one of them, but I'm on the way towards being much stronger than I've ever been.


I've been going to the gym since November. Sometimes three times a week. I go to an exercise class every Saturday, which'll run out sometime in the New Year, or at least my subsidised access to it will.

I love it though. It's sort of a return to who I was. I was quite a sporty kid. Until the delayed puberty that is genuinely one of the biggest circumstantial contributors to my addiction made rugby games a mismatch between giants and a six stone weakling. I really think that had a lot to do with the start of my bad choices.

I thought I'd share what I now do. If I can manage it, after years of seeing exercise as an excuse to drink afterwards (this accounts for a short but enthusiastic village football career. One of my great achievements was going for a pint with an undiagnosed broken leg).

This programme was given to me on my gym induction and it's supposed to be a good, general workout:

Warm up is 10 minutes on a bike. I try to burn 100 calories by tinkering with the resistance and so on.

The main cardio-vascular thingy is 20 minutes on a step machine/cross trainer. I try to burn 200 calories.

Weights are very variable, but I try to use five machines and do three sets of 10 repetitions each. The most usual pattern is:

Shoulder press, 60lb. Seated chest press, 60lb. Seated row, 60lb. Pull down, 60lb. Leg press, 120lb.

 As you can see, I'm a monster of the multiple of 60. I'm not going to be troubling any body-building contests for a while, but it's lovely to feel fitter and a boost to my confidence. I've been doing this for a while now and I'm going to try to record more of what I do - this is a personal diary for my own use as much as it is an ego-driven sharing of the recovery hoo-ha. I'm very aware that my history is literred with discarded enthusiasms and neglected hobbies - many of them drowned in alcohol - so I need to try to focus on this and give it some firkin effort (that could be my mantra: MAKE SOME FIRKIN EFFORT!).

I made my New Year's resolutions earlier and they're much smaller than going to the gym three-times-a-week, but that's what I'd like to do.

If you spent it, thank you for your time. If you'd like to talk, leave a comment or send me a mail.