Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Recovery Resource - an anxiety meditation exercise

As someone who struggles with anxiety as well as addiction, and for whom anxiety is a major driver of my alcholism, I feel meditation is an important part of my recovery. 

If you've done any of your own investigation in this area then you'll know that there is a huge amount of material out there, loads of it completely free. 

Liking or disliking them, finding things that are effective or counterproductive is completely subjective. I'm going to post things I find or have found useful. If they send you screaming up the walls, I apologise. 

This one works for me because I find the narrators voice soothing. I like the explanation. 

I'm making YouTube playlists of videos I find useful, you can find them on my personal YouTube channel or the More Than Sober page. Perhaps one day I'll make my own videos - now that's a reason for anxiety!

Let me know what you think with a comment or by screaming at the moon, I'll probably get the message.