Sunday, 25 January 2015

Taking a breath. The next challenges.

I'm really pleased with how my week of challenges went. 

I wanted to wake up and (crucially) get up earlier. I managed this every day. I wanted to meditate twice a day and I managed that. I cut down my caffeine. I no longer look at several time-wasting sites during the day.

I had quitting smoking on my list. It's still on my list. I wanted to go out and do something in the evening. I didn't manage that. 

I didn't challenge myself to exercise every day but did that anyway. I'm still on my New Year's resolution to leave the house properly and I'm still achieving it. 

I feel OK about those missed goals though. If I can get settled into this new routine I'll be incredibly pleased.

I've just been to see my parents and as a result didn't smoke for 24 hours, using an e-cig instead. I'm going to give that another go. 

In the back of my mind is Mag's planned trip in two weeks. It's a concern. Being left to my own devices has always been a trigger for bad behaviour - drinking binges when not alcohol free; cannabis and porn when not drinking; just back-sliding generally. 

Routines are just routines. I've had bad ones for years and years. Making the better ones just as important a part of my life should really be a case of patience and application. I suppose that's the main difference; I feel into rather than chose the bad, old routines. 

I'm amazed how busy I've now become. I'm working all day. I'm having occasional crashes when I get very tired, but otherwise getting through it all right. I think I need to drink more water when I'm exercising and I'll try that. 

If you spent it, thank you for your time. If you'd like to chat just leave a comment or send me an email, my address is on the contact page.