Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The new normal? Still a long way to go. Now the fags.

I've had another good day. Waking early, meditating twice, being a much more productive citizen of Thin City and thanking my local superheroes for all their hard work. 

Stuff like that. 

Again, the "I mustn't get carried away" buzzer is ringing. But, hell, I'll enjoy it a little. I've thought about it long enough and perhaps all that thinking wasn't just wasted time and effort, perhaps that was all part of the preparation. I was ready for change. 

So, Don's Recovery tip of the day is. 

Put it off for at least a few months and think I about it resentfully for a couple of hours every day. 

I hope you know I'm joking. 

So two days in a better routine. There's still a long way to go though. This is what 90% of my fellow countryman (a completely unsourced guess on that stat I'm afraid) do every day. I'm just returning to "normal" after years of being, well, abnormal - though charming and gifted and funny and all that shit with it, mind. 

You'll excuse the levity. I'm on a bit of an up. Long may it continue to be honest. I feel possibilities in it. Could this be a permenantly changed mood? Only if I work at it is the answer. And keep working at it. 

With that in mind. I've quit smoking tobacco. About an hour ago I believe. It was an accident in a way. I'd, again, swore that I wouldn't buy any more of the filthy weed. I'd also made a plan that I would smoke today and sleep to arise tobacco free! 

Unfortunately Mag intervened (fortunately in the end). One of the best reasons to give up smoking is that when I cave in and puff, she does too. She never buys her own though, she gave up doing that years ago. The upshot is that mine goes down much faster than it ought. 

So I'm stopped now. I'm saying tobacco here rather than smoking or nicotine. I have two e-cigarettes (or vapers) and this time I don't mind if I end up sucking on one of those. It'll be a step in the right direction. 

There we go then. I've made it safely through another long(er) day. One of the upshots of all this concentration on work has meant I've had less time to think about what I write here. 

Never mind. It's all for the best and I'm moving in the right direction at least. I think getting this new routine embedded and safely part of my life must be my focus for the moment. I want this to be the new normal, then I can start to add the bells and whistles. 

If you spent it, thank you for your time. if you'd like to chat leave a comment or use the contacts page.