Friday, 6 February 2015

Thinking about loneliness. A busy Don is a happy Don. All work and no play.

I was thinking about loneliness today. How it could be a trigger for me. And then I had a very busy day. 

My brother came down to Thin City for an event. I met him at the station and got him back to ours. He's as nervous as me, but in a different way - very concerned about hygiene and cleanliness; I'm the opposite. 

We bumped into a friend of mine on the way back into town for his event. Only to say hello. Then I bumped into another on the way back. Again, a quick hello and onward. 

It's nice though, and an important thing for me I think. Even just a bit of chit-chat can help stop me feeling totally isolated. That's something I need to think about as I plan for next week and Mag's departure, which I hope to do at some point over the weekend. 

Busy is good. Busy is very good. I'm almost too busy at the moment. Certainly at the edge of my capabilities for fitting in work. I'll have to work over the weekend to some degree. 

I seem to be less panicky about things now though. I know I have a lot to do and I plod through it. This is a great improvement. It's a struggle some time, but I'm learning, and it's sticking, that my other reactions to stress - hiding in addictive behaviours, frantically doing nothing while staring at a screen and so on are no good. 

I'm slightly concerned that I may go too far in that direction though. I had a very good period of sobriety back in 2006. It was marked by a spell of absolute workaholism. I loved my then job as a newspaper reporter and was good at it too. I threw myself into it. There were many other factors in the breakdown that followed (not least my then enormous cannabis intake), but I did slightly burn myself out. 

These are just things I need to be aware of. I've just done my workout, and despite Wales losing the rygbi, I still feel very upbeat. 

It's been a good day and I feel very much on the right track still. 

If you spent it thank you for your time. If you'd like to talk, leave a comment after the tone.