Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Singing Dory's Song.

I've not been in the best place over the last, what, 10 days. Nothing terrible and certainly nothing like I've been in the not too distant past. 

That's heartening. I have been looking back in my mind at where I might have been if Mag had gone away for three weeks a couple of year ago. I was annoyed at myself today for being at my desk and working at 9am rather than 8am this morning. In the past I would have got up at 1pm only in order to go down the pub. 

So things are much better in many ways. This blog is getting rather samey isn't it? "There is some progress, there needs to be much more...” That's the size of it at the moment though. 

I had an appointment with Addiction Services today. It was just a routine check in, but I did get some blood test results back and my liver function test is at the lowest measurable level. Whoop! 

I raised my anxiety, and was advised to go to my doctor and if I got no joy there then to go back to them to try to get an appointment with their consultant, who is a psychiatrist I believe. 

This evening I've felt more on track. I've written here for the first time for a while and I'm about to check in with my alcoholic support forum at Brighteye. I've played around with urge surfing, a mindfulness technique, this evening with some luck and I'm looking forward to putting it into practice. 

Guess what? I'll just keep on swimming for now. . . Maybe with one weak fin, but in the right direction in most ways. 

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