About More Than Sober

More Than Sober is a recovery blog. 

The addiction is to alcohol, and I'm the recovering alcoholic in question. I'm not called Don Birnham, as you've probably guessed. My name - with a slight difference - is in homage to one of fiction's most famous drunks, Don Birnam from The Lost Weekend. If you're not aware of Don's fictional world then do Google him and take a look, it's good stuff whether you're an addict or not.

I'm writing More Than Sober as a diary of my recovery, but also as a potential income earner, and I see it as part of the process of recovery itself. 

You'll find a standard blogger's diary, optimistically named Recovery Diary. There's a page for Recovery Resources, where I'm hoping to post anything I find that I think is useful in reovery. Use the contact page to get in touch, offer me money etc. 

I look forward to speaking to you.